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I'm a Very Red User

be random

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Very Red User = VRU
firgure it out from there if you know me, if not, don't worry. Is just a nickname.

This community is for friends and likeminded people who wish to ramble or share random things where there is no place to.

Example: thinking about needing a job, friendship gone wrong, need lyrics for a song, have freewrite you wish to share, parents got mad at you etc...
Anything you would post in your own LJ that you wish to do so with a bunch of other people also posting here to make it convient and whatnot. Personally I'm gonna post random rap stuff that doesn't completely belong in other communities or I only want to share with friends... all that fun. Yay.
If you wish to join, feel free.

Rules: No being racist, sexist, using slurs. Other then that whatever. Swear if you want, post photoshop expieriments if you want. Something like that.

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